Have you ever thought about what it would be like to “own your life”? We all have 24 hours in our day and when we subtract out the sleeping time, commuting time, working time and things we have to do each and every day, most of us don’t have more than one or two hours a day to do what we would like to do; and then, would we have the money to do it?
In 1997 at age of 50, I discovered network marketing. I have no education, spent most of my life in poverty and knew nothing about this industry. I soon learned that it held within it the keys to make my dreams come true. I began a journey of personal development and educated myself on this amazing industry and understood the power of leverage for the very first time. I realized that my future could not be left to chance and that the best way to predict it was to CREATE IT. Thus began my journey.
But this is about you... I want you to think about your life and ask yourself these questions. “Am I living my best life”? “Do I have enough time to spend with my family, my friends or even myself”? If your answer is NO than I invite you to explore the possibility of owning your own business.


CAN YOU IMAGINE the feeling of walking into your bank and paying off your mortgage within the next 3 to 5 years? The feeling is indescribable!! Or, can you imagine having the funds to buy your dream house with CASH!!! All of the credit card debt is gone also. You are FREE!!!!!
CAN YOU IMAGINE waking up every day and doing exactly what you want to do when your choices are not dictated by time or money. Can you imagine in just a few short years that you are no longer commuting to a job that doesn’t fulfill you and you no longer start each day with an alarm clock? Freedom is what I call it…
CAN YOU IMAGINE the feeling of living your passion and purpose each and every day. We were all put here to let our light shine and yet we settle in mediocrity. Can you imagine in just a few short years that you are living your absolute BEST LIFE on YOUR terms…Gotta love it…

Are you a motivated individual ready for change?

A successful business is built on the foundation of a strong relationship, and when combined with experience and responsible leadership, that business thrives. By becoming an ARIIX Representative, you will represent the best in the industry.
I am expanding my Global marketing team and looking for those who would like to claim their seat at the Founders table!!!
What Is The ARIIX Founders Club?
The ARIIX Founders Club is the most prestigious and high-level ranking that a Representative can achieve in the entire sector of network marketing. The invitation to join the ARIIX Founders Club is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the direct selling industry—the perfect balance of being a Representative with the privileges of a founder.
Thanks for taking the time to view this videos. I would love to speak with you about the ARIIX opportunity. We have changed the face of network marketing forever in many ways, just a few of which are listed below.
  1. First company EVER to have 4 Patents Pending on our compensation plan.
  2. First company EVER to have a Representative Bill of Rights.
  3. First company EVER to have a Cost of Living increase adjusted for inflation.
  4. And of course, first company EVER to have a Founders Club.
Thanks for taking the time to view this videos.

Jeff Yates, CFO and co-Founder of ARIIX with Lynn Allen-Johnson signing Founders documentation. 

Lynn Allen-Johnson receiving the ARIIX Vision Award at Convention

Lynn receiving the 2015 ARIIX Vision Award

Werner Berger, Tim Sales and Robert Allen

Lynn with Heshie Segal another Top Leaders on her team

Lynn with the owners of ARIIX

Cris Silkman & Rick Billings two of Lynn's Top Leaders

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Dr. Denis Waitley wrote this “Foreward” for Lynn’s book titled “Getting Out Of Your Own Way”
Every once in a while someone comes along who renews your faith in the human spirit and gives you courage to believe you can face your fears and rise above your environmental circumstances to realize your highest aspirations. Lynn Allen-Johnson is one of those rare individuals who lights up every room she enters, and every heart she touches. I have watched her incredible journey toward self-fulfillment these past few years with awe and respect. At first, I viewed her as a caring friend and associate. Before long I could sense that there was something different and special about this remarkable woman that would impact thousands of people all striving for better health and personal freedom.
Every time I hear her speak to an audience about her life adventure, I am confronted with a torrent of emotions. On one hand, I am laughing with joy responding to her unassuming directness and humor as she describes her often arduous climb to the top of her profession. On the other hand, I am quickly wiping the tears welling up in my eyes caused by the sheer intensity and spirit-lifting account of her struggles with her own insecurities and doubts. What makes watching her and listening to her so real, is that her own tears and joys overflow before our eyes, and no one is left immune and uninvolved in what she is describing. That’s the one word I want to convey to you as you scan these pages: The word REAL. Not as in reality TV, but real as in real life.
Now we have the pleasure of reading her innermost thoughts and feelings up front, close and personal. Platform presentations are stimulating. But too soon the words are forgotten and we are left with simply a warm feeling about the speaker and what he or she said. That’s why books are so important as stepping stones to the stars in our lives. We can read and re-read the paragraphs. We can keep the book on our desk or bedside table and re-visit it as often as we like to gain new insights or positive reinforcement in trying times.
Lynn Allen-Johnson’s book can give you the change you want if you will give it the chance. Dare to dream with her as she declares her vision and mission in life. Join her in defining your own leadership role in your family and on your team. Travel with her as she helps you confirm that you are driving the right vehicle up the mountain and let her discover with you what matters most along the way.
Lynn’s amazing saga reflects the progress she has made in just a few years, from a woman who started her own home-based business just to use the products and who prayed that no one would ask her about the business opportunity because she didn’t want anything to do with it; to one of the top leaders and income earners representing the company as an independent associate. She is truly a walking, breathing example of the “Acres of Diamonds” principle, that happiness lies right under your eyes, in your own mind, with your own family and friends, right in your own backyard.
This book will also assist you in doing the right things consistently to further your business and personal goals, and perhaps, most importantly, the critical steps you need to take in developing your own leadership team. If there’s one underlying theme throughout her life and throughout the pages that follow, it is that it is impossible to succeed in isolation in today’s world. You may think “success is a do-it-yourself project,” and certainly being self-determined and proactive are key to achievement. However, Lynn will ensure that you always remember that “success is a do-it-for-and-with others project.”

As my personal tribute to Lynn’s first published work, I’ve dedicated a little verse that sums up how I feel about her and the contents of this book:

Living is giving your best self away
Living is serving with grace every day
You’ll know that you’ve won, when your friends say,
“It’s true!”
“I like who I am, when I’m around you.”
“You look for the best in the me that you see”
“And you help me become all I can be”
Some people think that success is in “getting”
But there’s one of God’s laws they keep on forgetting
And this is the one you can live and believe
The more that you give, the more you’ll receive

Dr. Denis Waitley
Author, “The Seeds of Greatness”

What makes Lynn’s ideas and teaching about vision stand out from the others I’ve studied is her practical, down-to-earth, “here’s what it really takes” approach. It’s not just that that’s Lynn’s style….It’s her substance, and that’s what makes Lynn’s process work. Trust it. And her.

John Milton Fogg
Author, “The Greatest Networker in the World” and “The Greatest Networkers in the World”

I can clearly remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the very real possibility of time freedom clicked for me. I was stuck in my hospital call room — again — missing my four children. I was listening to a CD by Lynn Allen-Johnson. She challenged me to imagine my best life. I did. She then asked me how it felt. Amazing.

“This life is what you lose if you don’t build your business,” warned Lynn. Ouch. I felt the emotional pain. That was my moment.

I would not be denied this beautiful vision of time freedom. That same year I became the #2 fastest grower in my half-billion dollar company. God used Lynn’s words to speak a dream into me that has blessed my life immeasurably. Three years later, I replaced a six-figure professional income. I now enjoy the time freedom I only dreamed about on that fateful day.

Dr. Steve Hryszczuk
Anesthesiologist, Rockford, IL

I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know and work with such incredible, amazing and caring person.

After listening to Lynn and reading her books you start to have a great appreciation for challenges, increased desire and ability to contribute to others without being attached to their response.

It becomes obvious that it is our own responsibility and privilege to create our reality and do so with passion and faith.

Rather than living in a state of “regret for the past”, “fear of the future” or “fear of stepping out of your comfort zone”, you can live in the moment and enjoy every second of it.

Lynn’s ability to empower individuals to live a life they love, but never dreamed possible is amazing.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. It is about Lynn. She ignites the Human Spirit, liberates the soul and awakens you to unleash your human potential for good.

Dr. Tatyana Sutherland 
Tampa, FL

I’ve been working with Lynn Allen-Johnson for over 10 years now and wanted to acknowledge her character and drive as an amazing entrepreneur in the network marketing industry. She has such a big vision for the company and team she is building, as she continues to help others create success and she truly understands the value of team work.

Rick Billings
Orlando, FL