Four Qualities of Leaders that Inspire People

The best leaders are able to inspire people, sometimes even unknowingly. They win the hearts and loyalty of their team members which lead to the organization’s success. This kind of leader has four admirable qualities:

  1. They are not afraid to be vulnerable. Leaders who are not afraid to fail or show their own flaws and weaknesses are able to gain the trust and cooperation of his team members. On the other hand, leaders who exude too much confidence and come across as perfect make team members believe that he does not need any help. However, great leaders also know what, when, and how to show their weaknesses. They do not show personal flaws that may jeopardize his respectability as a professional.

  2. They are perceptive and sensitive to the feelings of others. Great leaders are good at reading cues from the people around him. People do not need to spell out everything to him before he can sense opinions and feelings. This should not be mistaken from over-sensitivity which can harm the company and the leader himself. For example, when the CEO shows signs of disappointment over the decline in sales, an over-sensitive manager worries that he will be fired. When a great leader senses the negative feelings of others he uses this knowledge to do something that will produce a positive result.

  3. They are empathetic. Great leaders care deeply about his team members. They make sure that team members are working in a favorable environment with enough resources to get their respective jobs done. However, he is able to determine what his people need from what they want. Although great leaders are detached from other people’s personal issues, they respect and care for their team members when it comes to work matters. He makes time to evaluate their work properly as a sign of respect and mutual effort.

  4. They are able to show their uniqueness. Each human being is unique but great leaders know what separates them from the rest. Although they know how to create a sense of belonging as part of the company culture, they also know how to keep distance in order to establish authority. While some leaders do this by dressing expensively, great leaders use their special qualities like expertise, creativity, and passion.

While it is necessary for leaders to be their authentic selves, these four admirable qualities must be part of a great leader’s personality. They must be combined with a leader’s other positive characteristics so that he can create a leadership style that inspires the people in the organization that he runs.

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