Be Passionate


Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion…

Behind every great artistic masterpiece and every significant work of literature and music there has always been passion. Behind every innovative company, every earth shattering idea and every achievement that ever changed the world, there has always been passion. In fact, behind every dream that ever saw its way out of the imagination and into reality, there has always been passion. And, of course, behind every future success you hope to achieve, there must also be passion. It is not a luxury, but rather a mandate for achieving our dreams…

Simply put, passion is that burning fire in our belly that compels us to do more than we ever thought possible. To be passionate is to be enthusiastic, inspired and motivated for the simple reason that you love what you do. Others see that in you and they want what you have. So many people are just existing and not living their passion because they don’t love what they do. And what happens when you love what you do, the same thing that happens when you fall in love. The world changes. When you love what you do, you not only do it more often but also better and with more intensity, drive and purpose. This not only adds meaning and joy to our lives but productivity to our work.


Without a doubt, passion is the great transformer in your business/organizations. Its power belongs to us all, not just to rock stars or CEO’s featured in the Wall Street Journal but to anyone who chooses to live a life of purpose. Passion is the fuel to every one of your dreams.

We’ve all heard it since we were young—follow your dreams! While this can be applied to most areas of life, it is also applicable to your business success. But it’s more than just following your dreams. It’s also about tapping into your passions and using it as motivation, direction, and inspiration.

One common piece of advice given to budding entrepreneurs is to follow your passion; do what you love. The idea is that by building a business rooted in something you are already passionate about, it will be easier for you to push through tough challenges and stick it out. Although all of that is true, it is just the beginning. You will now take that unstoppable passion, put a business plan together and go out there and LIVE OUT LOUD by creating the life you were put here to live..

I wish you all massive success…