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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to “own your life”?  We all have 24 hours in our day and when we subtract out the sleeping time, commuting time, working time and things we have to do each and every day, most of us don’t have more than one or two hours a day to do what we would like to do; and then, would we have the money to do it?

In 1997 at age of 50, I discovered network marketing.  I have no education, spent most of my life in poverty and knew nothing about this industry.  I soon learned that it held within it the keys to make my dreams come true.  I began a journey of personal development and educated myself on this amazing industry and understood the power of leverage for the very first time.  I realized that my future could not be left to chance and that the best way to predict it was to CREATE IT.  Thus began my journey.

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Owning Your Life

I’ve spent the past 16 years in a network marketing company and built an organization of over 20,000. In 2006 and 2007 I was awarded the prestigious President’s award for number one worldwide growth and last year I was the number 10 income earner worldwide. I absolutely have discovered what it feels like to “own my life” and it is with great passion that I share my message with others. This year I had the honor of being chosen as one of the top 21 Greatest Networkers in the World in John Milton Fogg’s recently released book “The Greatest Networkers In The World”.

Recently, the President and three of the Vice Presidents of my company left to launch their own network marketing company and I am proud to announce that I have joined them. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me to be positioned at the top of a company with amazing leadership, products, and a phenomenal pay structure. So, my journey has begun to put together the most amazing team of individuals who have a core desire to “own their life”. So, if this is you, buckle your seat belt and hold on for the ride of your life. You’re about to learn what it takes to not just survive but to THRIVE in this down economy. You’re about to experience the priceless joy and fulfillment that comes from following the most important path of all in life…


Think about your life and ask yourself these questions. “Am I living my best life”? “Do I have enough time to spend with my family, my friends or even myself”? If your answer is NO than I invite you to explore the possibility of owning your own business.

Partnering with a Legend in my MLM Business…

Lynn & Tim 350w

Chilling at airport with Tim sales on the way to our keynote in Vegas.

Since 1997 I have studied and used the business building strategies and tools from the legendary Tim Sales and now we are partnering together to build the perfect MLM company!!! The top corporate executives from my former company

(Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates and Riley Timmer) all left to form the most incredible company called ARIIX.  This move brought my long time friend Tim Sales out of retirement and partnered us on a journey to the top!!!

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ARIIX Launch

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Click the link below and watch a video by my good friend Tim Sales giving you an overview of this incredible industry.

It is called Brilliant Compensation and has been clicked over 44 million times.

Brilliant Compensation Video

Already familiar with Network Marketing

I too, was very familiar with network marketing. I was a top income earner in the company that I had been with for 14 years when I decided to join ARIIX. I have never seen a company with such amazing leadership, products and compensation, and I believe that ARIIX will set the GOLD standard in the network marketing industry for decades. I am proud to be a part of ARIIX and I am putting together a powerful team of motivated entrepreneurs with a core desire to make a difference in their lives and the lives of many.

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