Ariix President Mark Wilson

Message from ARIIX’s Mark Wilson


ARIIX President, Mark Wilson, has a message for us

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ARIIX President Mark Wilson, has  something in store for all of us to enjoy in this brief but full of content message that is personally coming from him.

Hello ARIIX Family!

Here is a quick update on my recent adventures. I just returned from 2 weeks of around-the-world travel, visiting a new ariix mark wilsonARIIX team every day. We started in Taiwan, where Deanna, Dr. Ray Strand, and I met Ian and Anita (Hong Kong team) to hold 2 different meetings with our new Taiwanese team members. They are extremely excited about the upcoming opening of ARIIX in Taiwan! We even had a chance to take a peek at our new office in Taipei, which the leaders are eager to begin using this next week.


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