Lynn Allen-Johnson – ARIIX Founders Club Member

Lynn Allen-Johnson

ARIIX Founders Club Member Lynn Allen-Johnson (Video)

We all hear those amazing stories. The impossible becomes plausible, becomes reality. The story of Lynn Allen-Johnson is as amazing as it is humbling. Lynn Allen-Johnson a dear friend of mine, business partner, and direct sponsor highlights what ARIIX is all about.

The MLM industry is full of these types of stories, some true, some beyond credible, others simply attempting to tear jerk you into their business opportunity! Multi Level Marketing is as real a business model as anyone can imagine, however the opportunities fostered by this industry, by ARIIX, and capitalized by the likes of Lynn Allen-Johnson makes success at the individual level very personal.

How does a single mother of 2 on government assistance just getting by even with two or three jobs make the leap to financial independence ? Does She:

  1. Hit the Lotto
  2. Write The Harry Potter Series
  3. Marry Some 89 year old billionaire ?
  4. Go Back To School (for a better career)
  5. Drink a boiling cup of coffee at McDonald’s and sue the franchise for a whopping 3 million ?

Nope none of the above apply. The MLM industry provides a much greater chance of success than the lotto, or getting your book published, hell even billionaires are hard to come by these days (they are all taken or dead anyways). Want to go back to school ? Sure ! throw 50K or more into an institution that cares more about enrollment, profits, and endowments, oh and Good luck finding a job as well! Burning my tongue with a cup of coffee just doesn’t feel like my life’s purpose, so Ill stick to home made java.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath then you will be successful

Lynn Allen-Johnson is the epitome of all examples of success! You don’t become part of the ARIIX founders Club by being mediocre, you do it by being amazing. You do it by busting your rear because you want success, because your back is against the wall.

Instead of playing the blame game, you take responsibility. You own your mistakes, you don’t hope and pray for a break and “hit the lotto!” You don’t hope and pray for a “Miracle on 34th Street” , you simply make your own opportunities and hope the world is ready for you, because you are on a mission to change lives. This is the fuel that drives Lynn Allen-Johnson, and I am more than honored to call her a partner, dear friend, and my son’s adoptive aunt…


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