Life Is Difficult

find a wayFor so long I thought that to reach for the stars and pursue a path of success meant enormous amounts of hard work along with insurmountable challenges and obstacles.  In fact, I think part of the reason I never tried to achieve great success was because I didn’t want to face that difficulty.  It just seemed too hard, too overwhelming.  But guess what?  My life was hard anyway.  Yes, success is difficult, but so is mediocrity and failure.  Let’s face it…life is difficult.  And once we can all agree on that, it’s time to deal with the fact and do something about it.  In other words, if life is going to be difficult no matter what we choose, why not choose success?  Why not choose to live the life of our dreams?  It seems so simple and so why doesn’t everyone do it?  The answer is just as simple…It’s because they don’t know they can.

As a human race, as a culture, as a society, as individuals we’ve lost touch with our power, our abilities, our willingness to take risks and dream big.  Truth is, many of us have forgotten or worse, never even knew we could dream big.  Most of us have let outside events and influences shape our lives.  We’ve listened to and believed the roadblocks that society puts in front of us.  There’s a recession.  There’s inflation.  We need a Masters degree to get ahead.  We can’t have a family AND a career,  It’s tough to be a woman, a minority, young, old or whatever.

We’ve all been sold a bill of goods when all along we knew that success has nothing to do with income levels, education, intelligence, bloodlines, race, creed, physical characteristics or the town we grew up in.  Everyone has the raw untapped ability to create an exciting, balanced and predictable future in his or her own life.  Of course, it’s convenient to let ourselves off the hook by blaming uncontrollable events and circumstances for our lack of success in life.  The only problem is, there are far too many success stories of personal triumph from people who were in the same situation we are.  That is, people with less advantage than what you or I have who have wound up becoming as successful as we all desire to be.  In short, there are NO EXCUSES!!!

Live Your Passion,

Lynn Allen – Johnson
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