Kava Kava: The Answer To Stress I of II

Kava Kava Extract

Kava Kava’s ever increasing popularity all over the country is a result of the fact that no other plant or drug so readily, easily, and securely relieves stress. Among herbal plants, Kava Kava is one of the very few that you can actually feel the effects. Nobody feels ginkgo working in their minds, but you can experience Kava Kava while it’s taking effect. For this reason, nutritional supplements like the ARIIX Rejuveniix which contains fully effective contents of Kava Kava extract are readily available in both drug stores and health food stores.

ariix rejuveniix kava kava stress reliefKava Kava helps relieve stress

Kava Kava is inside the ARIIX Rejuveniix!

I am personally in regular communication with many health professionals around the United States, who recommend variations of Kava Kava to stressed and troubled patients before suggesting very risky prescription medications. In the not-too-distant future, Kava Kava will be one of the best-selling and most commonly used herbal plants globally. Almost everyone suffers from stress, and Kava Kava is the most effective stress-buster on the globe! Maybe we’d all be better off moving to the Caribbean, living under palm trees, catching fish for dinner, and banging coconuts down for a treat. Instead, many of us, well most of us, live in a very stressful community.

As a result of busy daily activities, financial stress, lack of sleep, family issues, job requirements, congested traffic, overcrowding, social responsibilities, wellness conditions, life passages, stressful events, and other challenges and stumbling blocks of existing, individuals find themselves increasingly burdened and troubled. The results of stress can immediately harm wellness, causing damaged resistance, anxiety, heartburn, difficulty focusing, sleeplessness, and exhaustion.

The research is astonishing enough to make you take nutritional supplements, with ingredients like Kava Kava. According to the National Foundation for Brain Research, between 17 and 23% of women in the United States and between 11 and 17% of men suffer from stress disorders which results in around 50 thousand people in the country!

According also to the National Institutes of Health Office of Medical Applications of Research, panic attacks may affect as many as 3 million people in America in the course of a lifetime. Additionally, an approximated 60 % of Adults experience some degree of sleeplessness.

Either they have uneasiness causing them to stay awake at night time and can’t get back to sleep, they rest fitfully and toss and turn, or they lie in an unpleasant half-sleep and rise in the morning feeling ripped off.

To battle stress, many individuals convert to medication, both over-the-counter or self-medications and prescription tranquilizers and sleeping pills. Let me tell you that doing this is such a bad idea because believe it or not, alcohol is the most widely used and abused anti-anxiety drug in the world! It is deceiving because initially, liquor can reduce stress when absorbed in average amounts. But the longer liquor is absorbed, the more amount is needed to produce the desired tranquilizing effect.

In greater than average amounts, liquor produces intoxication recognized by reduced motor control, and aggressive behavior. Excessive use leads to addiction, liver failure, reduced thinking processes, and degenerative  organ and nerve damage.

As you can see, stress is better off relieved with supplements such as Kava Kava, than with alcohol and medications! Stay tuned for more on this amazing stress reliever.