How to Survive MLM: Choose Only The Best


Once you have a good understanding of the MLM business model and how you make money with its compensation plan you should then proceed to having at least some basic useful knowledge about the products. You should not just be focusing on pure profits alone even though the person you are prospecting is very much interested with the business side only.

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It is very important for your company to have product movement for it is one of the best signs that proves the company is not a scam or a fly by night one. If an MLM company tells you to forget about the products and just focus on the money making side, then you should right away know that its no good and even if it performs well in the beginning it will never last that long.

I can testify to this just based on my several experiences with numerous MLM companies offered to me by friends and colleagues. Although all of them have different products and different types of pay plans,  there is only one thing that makes them all similar, and that is the way they approach and train their people. MLM companies who tell people to be a product of the product and have strong genuine scientific evidences with the potency and effectiveness of their products are more likely to survive long term with loyal repeat customers for a lifetime compared to MLM companies that just train their people to be focusing on making money. MLM companies that are solely after profits never last, which is where the term “fly by night” came from. So the next time you decide to join an MLM business, always study how the people in that company approach you. Observe their body language and be aware of their motives. If they are too good at hiding things then know how good their products are and be aware of paid testimonies.

People naturally dislike being sold  something especially when they are forced to cash out a big sum of money only to realize it is all being put to waste because of the wrong company. It does not matter if a good friend of yours or a family member is the one recruiting you to join their MLM business because the only thing that really matters is how lucrative the company will be. Just imagine you joining a fly by night MLM company because your family member recruited you to it. Just imagine the worst consequences that will come between the good relationship you both have with each other before. You will start blaming that family member of yours resulting in a ruined relationship. That is how important it is to choose the best MLM company  possible because even if you work hard at it, then decide to stop doing it, you will have created passive income from the loyal repeat customers that have tried and experienced its difference.

To recap, you have to put the work in any business, including MLM, if you want to be successful.  If you work hard, and choose the right company, you will see benefits for a long time to come.

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