How To Do Business with Facebook


In today’s modern world almost all businesses need to tap into and take advantage of online marketing tools such as social media to further maximize profits. We are no longer in the industrial age where we still need physical brick and mortar stores to achieve success. Nowadays, we only need a computer or a gadget together with an internet connection to do serious business and make some serious profits. Almost everything is done virtually and every information you need is within your fingertips!

facebookThree ways to benefit from Facebook

Combine Facebook with a hot growing business NOW!

As you conduct your online network marketing business, it is very important to be using social media, especially the one that taps almost every market of all ages. Right now, the most suitable media that fits this description is Facebook. The rise and success of Facebook recently can become your success too. Since almost everybody uses Facebook you can use this social networking giant to promote your online network marketing business! Just imagine the billions of potential Facebook users that you can tap. The possibilities are endless, the sky is the limit…it will all be up to you.  I read recently that there are over 650 million unique Facebook visitors per day!

So here are three great ways to help you get started in finding potential customers and business partners by using Facebook. First,  you can write a Facebook note found as one of your profile features. Do not confuse Facebook notes with advertising for they are two different things. Facebook note is like a blog article equivalent which means that you must treat your note as a blog article instead of just plain advertising. Share some great experiences about the services or products of the business your in and how it has benefited you. Build curiosity by giving something that catches your reader’s attention. Lastly, always remember that nobody wants to be sold so do not approach your fans like you are just after profits. Be natural and share whats on your mind that you think would be of great help to people.

The second way of tapping the huge potential market of Facebook users is to start building a fan page. You can use your fan page and name it with something that will target people in Facebook related to the network marketing business you are in. Name your Facebook fan page with something catchy that would make people like your page. Give brief information just enough to build interest but do not give everything, instead put a “more information” link in your fan page that would lead to your website so they will be able to contact you directly.

If you are not quite keen on building your fan page there is still another option which will now lead us to our last and final way and that is to do a Google search of fan pages that are related to your business so that you will be able to easily interact with your target group. Start participating in conversations and be on the look out for people that you will be able to help and you will be surprised how quickly you build a strong base of customers just by tapping Facebook alone.

I know most of you may think that Facebook is just for the younger generation but baby boomers are a large majority of the daily users now!  Believe me, if I can do it you can too.

To learning and growing…

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