Duplication in Network Marketing

I came across this article and thought it worthy of sharing.  It’s a great example of the power of duplication in network marketing, and one of the key points I teach in my Network Marketing training seminars.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Water Hyacinth   

I want to tell you a very revealing story about the power of duplication.

There is a floating aquatic plant called the water Hyacinth.  It doubles itself every day.  One becomes two, two becomes four, etc.  Even in a big river or large lake, if conditions are right, within thirty days this plant can cover the entire surface of the water.  No boats can cross.  The hyacinth grows so prolifically, it simply takes over.

Now, here’s what’s so interesting…On day twenty-nine, just one day before the lake is completely covered, the lake is only one-half hyacinth.

That’s right.  Fifty percent of the lake’s surface is water and the other half hyancinth; And remember how the whole process began: with a little green plant no bigger than your hand….That’s the power of Network Marketing.

Excerpt From:  Being The Best You Can Be in MLM By John Kalench

Makes you think doesn’t it?  The power of duplication in network marketing is just like the hyancinth plant. …one becomes two and two becomes four and then eight, sixteen, thirty two…. But it all starts with one.   Could that be you?

My Best Always,

Lynn Allen-Johnson