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John Milton Fogg Part III

John Milton Fogg

What does John Milton Fogg have to say

John Milton Fogg on “Who I Am and What I Do”

To fully understand Mr. John Milton Fogg, we must not go by what others say about him, instead we must know him based on his answers and how he sees things. Below is an exclusive interview with Mr. John Milton Fogg himself:john milton fogg

I, John Milton Fogg, am a writer, editor, speaker & mentor-coach— and Lord knows (because God is the only one who could know) how I got to be any of these (I sure don’t).

ARIIX LEADER: Dr. Fred W. Cooper


ARIIX CEO Dr. Fred W. Cooper

Dr. Fred W. Cooper: The man behind ARIIX


ariix founder dr. fred cooper

Fred Cooper of ARIIX is one of the world’s foremost experts in the managing of direct selling companies, emerging

as arespected leader who has a knack for spotting inefficiency and then fixing it. Fred Cooper from ARIIX is also known for his fun, energetic personality and passion for helping people. He truly cares about his employees and representatives, and takes a personal interest in the success of each one. This is evidenced by Dr. Fred Cooper’s many devoted friends and associates, who have seen their life positively impacted by his unique style of guidance and support.

Fred Cooper, prior to ARIIX, spent the last 13 years of his career at USANA Health Sciences, where he rose quickly through the ranks from VP of Information Technology to VP of Operations, and then to Chief Operations Officer, and finally to President of the company. Fred Cooper has been able to improve and streamline every process he has been involved with at USANA and has helped to make them one of the most successful health science companies in the world. Fred W. Cooper, Ph.D. at age 48, was President and Chief Operating Officer and here’s how it all began….

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MLM Network Marketing: How Did It All Start?

MLM Network Marketing

The most popular business of the modern 21st century, MLM Network Marketing

MLM network marketing is probably one of the most popular businesses in the 21st century, but how did it all start?

mlm network marketing history

Where did all this idea of “people to people money flow” come from? Well, according to the internet, the world’s primary source of information, MLM network marketing started long before, in the 1940s where a company trading under the name of “California Vitamins” discovered they could make more sales when they had a lot of sales representatives selling a small amount of product each, compared to the traditional business model of trying to have a few sales representatives selling a lot. California Vitamins also discovered that most of their growing customer base was made up of the friends and family of their existing sales representatives who had essentially referred them to the company as they were impressed with their product line. Continue reading

Strategies of the Best Network Marketing Companies

Network Marketing forums show vast number of people asking one question: “What are the strategies of the best Network Marketing companies?”

Everyone wants to succeed, to create a business from the ground up into a thriving enterprise, and to achieve all of this without having to sacrifice family or sanity in the process.

Surely there has to be a secret strategy?!  

Well, there are actually three key strategies to building a successful Network Marketing business that will provide you with the right means while still allowing you to have your life away from work….. Continue reading