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ARIIX Success Tips

Actually, there is no real secret to your ARIIX success. If you want to succeed in something like your ARIIX business, all you really need to do is to take action! You need to take ownership of your ARIIX business and sponsor more ARIIX reps. It could not get any clearer than that for action alone, according to Og Mandino, will determine your value in the marketplace.

ariix success strategies

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The ARIIX Unbiased Independent Review I


An unbiased ARIIX review by Adam Boyd….

ARIIX Review by a third party….

With all of the ARIIX hype and positive things being said about ARIIX, you may naturally think as anyone else wouldariix unbiased that because I am a member of the company that I may be biased as the author.  You may also think that because I am a representative of the company I am being paid to promote and endorse the positive things about ARIIX. Well to clear up any misconceptions, I would like to present a third party review by Adam Boyd who gives an unbiased opinion of what he thinks about the ARIIX network marketing company opportunity.

He starts by mentioning how many people are noticing the recent profitability and explosive growth going on in the network marketing industry in general. It is indeed inevitable that there will be massive growth in the network marketing industry in the coming years because of the instability of the job market especially in today’s global recession. People are worried about their futures, they wonder whether they will be able to retire or ever have enough money to be financially independent. Continue reading

Robert Kiyosaki: Thoughts On Network Marketing

Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki and Network Marketing

What made Kiyosaki go for a network marketing business?

Whether he chose to or not, Robert Kiyosaki has quickly become the darling of the network marketing world.  So why exactly does Robert Kiyosaki endorse network marketing?  In fact, it is interesting to note that he is not the only voice being heard.  Other icons of success including Donald Trump, Mark Victor Hansen and T. Harv Ecker have all given public support for this type of business. These voices all echo the same sentiment of educational life experience.

At first Robert Kiyosaki was not a network marketing fan until one of his already rich friends joined a network marketing company. His friend joined network marketing to help give his clients an avenue to make money so they could invest in his real estate business. He then realized that this business is based on people helping other people to better themselves and their lives. As his thoughts about network marketing changed, he saw this industry as a way to make it easier to cross over from being an Employee to being a Business Owner. In one of his books called Cashflow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki explains why being a Business Owner or Investor is the best and smartest way to accumulate true wealth.robert kiyosaki donald trump network marketing

The Uniqueness of ARIIX


How is ARIIX a unique network marketing company

ARIIX: Not just a company

ARIIX is not just a company. ARIIX is also a community made up of like-minded people who want to improve their own physical and financial well-being and to help others do the same. According to Wikipedia “The termariix community uniqueness community has two distinct meanings: 1) A group of interacting people, living in some proximity (i.e., in space, time, or relationship). Community usually refers to a social unit larger than a household that shares common values and has social cohesion. The term can also refer to the national community or international community, and, 2) in biology, a community is a group of interacting living organisms sharing a populated environment.” Based on philosophy class, there is a big difference between a community and a society.

ARIIX Vice Presidents I of 2


ARIIX Leadership

Know the people behind ARIIX

VP Business Development Asia Pacific

ARIIX‘s Ian Chandler, VP Business Development Asia Pacific, knows how to get results and loves to help others realizeARIIX ian chandler success in their financial dreams by leveraging passion and productivity into creating powerful organizations. As Executive Director of Business Development at ARIIX, Inc., Ian Chandler has found the perfect combination of combining his professional experience in the Direct Sales industry, with his dedication to helping others reach their greatest potential.