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Network Marketing Key To Success II of II

Key To Success

The eighth key to success is to really like individuals and love them. This does not mean the romantic kind of love, but rather the caring and thoughtful kind of love.

key to success ariixKey To Success In Network Marketing

Learn the key to success and unlock your potential

Love your up line for bringing you the great opportunities for success. Love your sponsor for guiding you every step of the way. Love your down line for being loyal and committed to you. Love your leads even if they are mean and unpleasant or better yet, love them even more because they probably need it more. Finally, love the company for offering amazing lasting health and wealth. If you keep on loving, all these people will love you back in return, creating a big adoring and loving team faithful and willing to do anything to help you out. This will turn them into real assets and a key to your success.

The ninth key to success would be your everyday actions since this is a business and not just a hobby. Although you did not have to spend much to get into your network marketing business, the key to success is to have the same determination level you have had with any other business because the long-term advantages are much higher in network marketing. Engaging in a network marketing business alone is already your ultimate key to success. Everyday action will generate everyday outcomes, which will then develop into monthly outcomes, and finally to annual outcomes.

Did you know that if you created  a record of everyone you have ever known and began to get in touch with them, you would sponsor at least 10% of them without exerting much effort. If you did exert some effort, your chances would be near 30% or even better. Just think, if you approached one individual every day which is 7 individuals a week, you would get in touch with 365 people each year. At a 10% close ratio based on statistics, you would have 36 new members every year and if you are fortunate enough to find leaders that will build and duplicate, then you would be adding another 1296 the next year which will continue to grow to 46,656 the third year and so on. That is the key to success, just getting in touch with one individual each day as your everyday action. Just make this a daily habit and do your best to contact just one person every single day and commit to do it.

Last but not least, the tenth key to success is to find potential key leaders in both warm and cold markets and develop them. You will then only have to focus on these key leaders which minimizes your scope of responsibility and work, leverages your time and efforts, allows you to have more flexibility, and gradually results in a truly residual passive income down the road. This is a proven key to success and will really lead you to your dreams if you follow and apply this with 100 percent effort.

Network Marketing Key To Success I of II

Key To Success

A significant number of individuals fall short to create a full-time earning in their network marketing business because they fail to do the right things to be done probably due to a lack of knowledge on the keys to success.

key to success ariixKey To Success In Network Marketing

Learn the key to success and unlock your potential

The first key to success in any network marketing business is that you must have a clear reason or purpose of why you are doing the business. Having this clear purpose will help you persevere in tough times especially from individuals who will pull you down, discourage you and say negative things about your business. Having a strong purpose will give you that firm determination to achieve success at all costs. Second key to success would be a strategic plan. You must have a written plan of what you want to achieve five to ten years from now.

Third key to success is to obviously have objectives. All your written out plans would be of no use if you do not have goals that you are aiming to achieve. Write your goals and read them daily and turn them into a reality.

Fourth key to success in network marketing is to have belief. Belief in God, belief in yourself, belief in the products, belief in the company and the team. Always believe that you can make it and you really will.

The fifth key to success is to have a good and positive mindset. Bad things are inevitable and will always be part of life, but it is not the bad things that count but it is your reaction towards that bad thing that matters. Always have a positive mental attitude and look at the bright side of things. Be optimistic and never let negative thoughts control you so that you will only be able to attract the positive things.

Sixth key to success is to dedicate your life to your network marketing business. Be committed in your business because it is your business! You must commit and believe in your network marketing business that it is the best. You must believe that this is the perfect chance for you and others to shine. If this is not the case then you should find another company that will make you feel that committed.

Seventh key to success is to lead by example. In other words, you should practice what you preach. Actions speak louder than words and don’t be just a man of words but put it also in action. Individuals will do what you do and not what you say to do.

Do what is necessary in order to be successful. Keep prospecting and recruiting people and put it into action. If you do the right things every day and put it into action, your team will also duplicate you and do the same things you are doing which will then naturally result to a solid business growth and long term success.

MLM Network Marketing Business

MLM Network Marketing

Minimize The Risks of being in an MLM Network Marketing Business

Choose the right MLM Network Marketing Business NOW!

Now that you know why MLM network marketing is very popular and how it really gets into the hearts of people, you’re either not interested, or you’re inspired so much that you want to get into an MLM network marketing businesses today!

The good part about MLM network marketing is that you don’t have to risk losing your job because you can do it part time.  All you need is a desire and passion that can touch the hearts of people, a mouth that can preach the good news, and of course, some people you can approach.  Put all that together with a persistent attitude, and you’re on your way to success! If you truly want to join a MLM network marketing company keep in mind that there are so mlm network marketingmany out there that it’s hard to choose the best. That is why we’re here… to guide you in the right direction.

mlm network marketing

Many people have succeeded in MLM network marketing.  Some of them may not be familiar to you because they are not as well known as others, but rest assured, they found the business very fulfilling in their lives, and so will you! Although there are some issues that people create, like spreading the word that MLM network marketing is a pyramiding scam,  in reality it is not. MLM network marketing is designed to make an individual rich through leverage and teamwork, but bare in mind, some MLM network marketing companies are good ones that have integrity, and some are just fly by night companies. Here today, gone tomorrow.

That is why I am so passionate about writing these blogs and getting this information out to anyone interested in MLM Network Marketing. I want to make sure that you are fully informed when choosing the best MLM network marketing company for you.  It has to be worth your time, effort and money. Remember, the company isn’t the only thing that can spread by word-of-mouth, the company’s reputation can as well, so choose wisely!

If you are thinking of joining a MLM network marketing company and you have unanswered questions, please get those answers, all of them, before joining.  There really are some MLM network marketing companies that do very well and have good reputations.  These are the ones that grow successfully and last a long time.

MLM network marketing is about the three elements:

1. Speed – in talking to those who don’t know yet

2. Power – to the people who are quite amazed, knowledge is power

3. Patience – to those who are closed minded and want to hold on to their own beliefs.

Always remember this tip, you need to use the non obvious moves to win, but just like in chess, it’s a win or lose game. You can win -all the time but there will eventually be someone who is better than you who can defeat you.  However, just because you lost doesn’t mean it’s the end. Instead, use it as a learning experience and do not make the same mistake again. Follow this and every time you make a mistake, you will also be a step closer to success.

In MLM network marketing, you may be at the top of your game, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will say yes to you all the time.  Naturally, in MLM network marketing, rejection and attrition are part of it. There are different kinds of people and you can never please everybody all the time. No One can! Actually, it is a known fact that you will have to receive a heavy load of “NOs” before you get the “YES” that will bring you to success and change your life forever. It’s just a matter of time, persistence, working smart, and choosing the right company now!

Testimonies show ARIIX Slenderiix to be Potent, Fast & Effective

ARIIX Slenderiix

A lot of you may have already heard of the new talk of the town right now called ARIIX Slenderiix, which has led to some very unbelievable results and testimonies from many different types of people. It may be one of the most intriguing weight loss programs yet.

ariix slenderiixThe truth about the ARIIX Slenderiix

ARIIX Slenderiix is selling like hotcakes

A mom who gained a lot of weight on her pregnancy lost twenty five pounds (25 lbs), but later on, as many of us do, she gained the 25 pounds back plus an additional five pounds!  Can you believe that as soon as she started using the new ARIIX Slenderiix, she immediately lost twenty one pounds (21 lbs) in just eighteen days (18 days) without any rebound effects whatsoever! Some even  lost eleven pounds (11 lbs) in just one week of using the products, with side effects such as smoother and healthier looking skin in a super fast and super efficient way. Some also even testified that they have already tried all humanly possible diets that they can think of like starvation diets, lemonade diets, cayenne diet, but not a single one of them worked…not until they got a hold of the ARIIX Slenderiix making some of them amazingly lose twenty five pounds (25 lbs) in thirty days (30 days). That is close to losing one pound a day!

Other people’s cravings were also stopped as soon as they started drinking and using the ARIIX Slenderiix. Some even still lost a few pounds on areas like the lower abdomen even at the end of thirty days (30 days). The testimonies do not stop there, one even said that he fought really hard to lose weight and even stopped eating almost any food that existed just to lose weight but still nothing happened. He got hopeless and never thought that there was a chance for him to achieve his ideal weight until he got invited to become one of the beta testers for the ARIIX Slenderiix, which then made him lose twenty nine pounds (29 lbs) in thirty days (30 days).

There are still lots and lots of growing testimonials all proving the potency and effectiveness of the ARIIX Slenderiix in weight loss success, but there are already too many to mention. Despite the numerous testimonies, one can conclude that all these lead to one single point and that is the fact that the ARIIX Slenderiix truly does work!

So, how does the ARIIX Slenderiix work then? Let us start by first learning what a hypothalamus is and what it does. The hypothalamus is the one responsible for regulating metabolic rate, fat storage and deposits, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and adrenals. What the ARIIX Slenderiix does is cause the hypothalamus to mobilize fat out of the fatty storage areas inside the body. By doing this, the ARIIX Slenderiix successfully causes the release of fat especially the fats deposited around the waistline,  otherwise known as love handles.

Rest assured the ARIIX Slenderiix is just as safe as it is potent! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the product. But for now, all I know is that if you are not satisfied with your weight, then you should purchase your very own ARIIX Slenderiix now! Help yourself or other people you know quick because they are selling out like hotcakes! Don’t miss this breakthrough for it may be the last.

Werner Berger Accomplishments: Mt. McKinley (1996-2000)

Werner Berger

Werner Berger‘s reapplication to be a part of a climb in April was approved and he happily flew to Alaska. While establishing base on the Kahiltna Glacier at 7,000 ft, Werner Berger and the group he was with, witnessed different kinds of things like big and thunderous avalanches.

werner berger mt mckinleyHow It All Began: Werner Berger and his accomplishments

Werner Berger is taking the great ARIIX products

On the extreme, icy slope leading to the Western Buttress, Werner Berger realized that he had not firmly secured both of his crampons tightly enough, resulting in them being on the sides of his boots instead of on the soles where they would provide protection and grip. Fixing this slight problem with his boots was one of the hardest things to do since the condition on the mountains was very different. It is not possible to sit down on a 55-degree icy slope or even take off a 45-pound backpack. There was no room for relaxation. Despite the toughness, Werner Berger still managed to put everything in place and finally they were on their way to climbing again.

At 7:30 p.m. on Day 20, Werner Berger and the group achieved the peak ridge: 20 minutes and only 200 vertical feet from the top of North America. Clouds rolled in and the weather was still harsh. Gusty winds and cold temperatures brought the wind-chill to below negative one hundred degrees farenheit. They were quite troubled because the peak was hardly noticeable upon their arrival. It would be very dangerous to get trapped at that altitude in pure whiteout conditions. Hopes for the summit also vanished and were safely aborted. Although Werner Berger was not pleased and was frustrated with the unexpected situation, the attractiveness of the mountain made it all okay. It simply meant coming back to enjoy the mountain experience all over again at a later date, which leads us to the centennial year 2000, which became the best time for Werner Berger to come back and fulfill his dream.

In the year 2000, Werner Berger went back to Mt. McKinley and experienced great camping conditions until day 12. On Day 13 he was feeling powerful, passionate and ready for a peak force the following day. Unfortunately, the bad weather shifted in and stranded them at 17,400 feet for the next nine days. A slight weather-window showed up on day six, but at 19,000 feet the freezing climate was amplified by very great wind gusts threatening clouds. One of the team members was even experiencing the effects of altitude and frostbite on his face.

Pushing on would not be a good idea and food and fuel were running low. The return routes from Anchorage would also not delay for the group, leading to another disappointing descent on the silent lower part of the hill below the weather as they scuttled down the Western Buttress at 11:30AM. Upon arriving at the higher end of the Kahiltna Glacier at 9 p.m., Werner Berger and the group faced a very critical decision of continuing down or staying and descending the following night, since in mid-June the glacier could only be traveled securely during the chilly evening hours. The group were determined to proceed, not expecting that a fog would slow them down, and still decided to go through. Moving across a crevasse-filled glacier in the night, especially in foggy circumstances, is not the most secure thing to do but thankfully at last Werner Berger and the group finally arrived at their destination at 6AM the next day. All were exhausted yet thrilled, despite of the incident.

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