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Lynn Allen Johnson: How I Took Control of My Life

Lynn Allen Johnson

I will be 65 in November and I want to share with you my weight loss journey and the personal transformation that it inspired.  Earlier this year, I was introduced to a product called Slenderiix.  I was skeptical like many because the current market is inundated with diet products. I have done so many diets over the last 20 years that I can’t even begin to count how many.  Why was this one different? Well I’m here to share my story.

Lynn Allen Johnson TransformationHow It All Began: Lynn Allen Johnson and her weight loss journey

Lynn Allen Johnson is taking ARIIX products

Lynn Allen Johnson has struggled with her weight for so many years, and she is so excited to share this amazing product with you. Lynn Allen Johnson  knows what it feels like to yo-yo diet and be consumed with frustration because she couldn’t figure out how to get the weight off and keep it off. As she aged it got harder and harder. According to Lynn, being overweight has dominated her thoughts and affected every aspect of her life for so many years and she is so blessed to have finally taken control. Because of Slenderiix, Lynn says her relationship with food has changed forever.

Lynn says her cravings went away and her energy came back.

Being overweight affects not only your health, but your self esteem also.  Lynn Allen Johnson knows what it is like to have been restricted from doing so many activities because of being overweight.  She explained she could not go on certain rides at theme parks, and she  did not even go to her high school reunion.

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Learn How to Invite in MLM

How to Invite in MLM

Learning how to invite in MLM could be one of the greatest assets that you can ever have. It is one of the biggest secrets in this industry because even if you do not know how to train and present to people you will still be able to earn a good amount of money in MLM just by learning how to invite alone.

learn how to invite in MLM to achieve financial successThe power of learning how to invite in MLM

Know the secrets on how to invite in MLM

Never mind mastering the compensation plan or getting to know what is inside the products because you can always let the experts handle all of these presentations as long as you  know how to invite in MLM. All the trainings and presentations no matter how good they are would only be put to waste if no one knows how to invite people who will be listening. Learning how to invite in MLM is not actually as hard as you think it may be since you do it every single day. It is just plain inviting but this time you get paid for doing it. Learning how to invite in MLM is just like inviting your friends to your party or to hang out. The only difference when you do this is nobody pays you for your efforts. Continue reading

How To Do Business with Facebook


In today’s modern world almost all businesses need to tap into and take advantage of online marketing tools such as social media to further maximize profits. We are no longer in the industrial age where we still need physical brick and mortar stores to achieve success. Nowadays, we only need a computer or a gadget together with an internet connection to do serious business and make some serious profits. Almost everything is done virtually and every information you need is within your fingertips!

facebookThree ways to benefit from Facebook

Combine Facebook with a hot growing business NOW!

As you conduct your online network marketing business, it is very important to be using social media, especially the one that taps almost every market of all ages. Right now, the most suitable media that fits this description is Facebook. The rise and success of Facebook recently can become your success too. Since almost everybody uses Facebook you can use this social networking giant to promote your online network marketing business! Just imagine the billions of potential Facebook users that you can tap. The possibilities are endless, the sky is the limit…it will all be up to you.  I read recently that there are over 650 million unique Facebook visitors per day! Continue reading

Why People Succeed At Network Marketing

Why do most people fail in network marketing when only a select few succeed?

I am honored to be featured in Milton Fogg’s recent book, The Greatest Networkers In The World.  It got me thinking about the questions I’m askednetwork marketingby so many who want help in their business.  I’ve spoken to scores of people over the years, one on one, in small groups as well as keynote speaker to thousands.  I’ve seen some rise to the top and others fizzle out.  The question are always the same, although they’re phrased differently.  They’re asking me to identify why they’re not successful and what they need to do.   The answer? Something is missing . . .

 A Core Level of Desire is necessary in Network Marketing

The reason is because those who do succeed have a deep down burning core desire to do so.  They don’t come into this saying they will give it a try or give it 6 months or whatever.  They decide at a 100% core level that this is done and they will be successful.  They will not be denied, and failure is positively not an option.  Those who do not share that same core level of desire will not succeed.

I remember vividly when I decided that this was it and my desire was completely intense.  I had a sense of urgency to accomplish my goal and I knew at a 100% core level that it was done.  It consumed me and it dominated my thoughts above and beyond anything else each day and all day. This is a core desire and the people who achieve notable success in network marketing have this in common.

I’m not saying that you just look for people with desire and you’ll rise right to the top.  Mostly everyone (especially in today’s economy) has the desire to make more money, but they still don’t make it in network marketing because there are levels of desire and they are not committed 100% at a core level.  If you have a goal, whether it be to get out of debt or buy a new home or quit your job, and you have not connected it to your network marketing business, you will not succeed.

The sad truth is that most people in the network marketing industry did not buy a business. They bought hope.

And hope, in business, is never backed by true desire. When it comes to your business, hope is for the undecided. I didn’t hope this would work. I knew 100% that this was my vehicle to the top, and I wouldn’t stop ’til I got there. That’s why people you sponsor quit. They hope it will work and they want it to work, but they simply don’t have the desire at a level of 100 percent to accomplish their goals through their network marketing business.  They bought hope in order to quiet that little voice inside them that keeps nagging them to make a change and take control of their life.  So, they join your business and if they don’t have the results they are looking for quickly enough, they quit in order to justify their fear of change and say that network marketing didn’t work.  Well, it does work and I am a living, breathing example of that.

So, if your 100% core desire is to achieve your goals through network marketing, then find people who have a 100% core desire to do the same.  That’s what I do.    In networking marketing, those are the people you take to the top with you!  Who’s coming with me?

MLM Network Marketing, One of the Most Popular Businesses of 21st Century

MLM Network Marketing

The most popular business of the modern 21st century, MLM Network Marketing

MLM network marketing is probably one of the most popular businesses in the 21st century, but how did it all start?

mlm network marketing history

Where did all this idea of “people to people money flow” come from? Well, according to the internet, the world’s primary source of information, MLM network marketing started long before, in the 1940s where a company trading under the name of “California Vitamins” discovered they could make more sales when they had a lot of sales representatives selling a small amount of product each, compared to the traditional business model of trying to have a few sales representatives selling a lot. California Vitamins also discovered that most of their growing customer base was made up of the friends and family of their existing sales representatives who had essentially referred them to the company as they were impressed with their product line.mlm

This is how MLM network marketing started. The story of the 1940’s discovery of MLM network marketing shows that the first strategy was originally direct selling and was never intended to be through an mlm network marketing strategy. There were no referrals yet, just sales representatives and then gradually, as time passed, they found out that referrals were booming and a great idea, which gave them something to think about….what about a referral program?

New sales representatives were then created from existing satisfied customers and a commission based system was developed. Both teams and individuals were rewarded according to their sales efforts and as a result the MLM network marketing industry was born. The same company later changed their trading name to Nutrilite Food Supplement Corporation. This is how the direct referral system or what we all know as the MLM network marketing today, was born. Nineteen years later in 1959, Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel founded the company Amway which is founded by using MLM network marketing. It was an abbreviation for the term “the American way”. Amway from day one was based on the same mlm network marketing concept, and 50 years later, still is.

Truly, MLM network marketing is a very fast and rapid growing type of business. It had its own humble beginnings and now many companies are replicating and duplicating this system. Of course, a long time ago, the idea of MLM network marketing was just to attract people into making money for the owners of the company but now, as the concept evolved, so did the purpose. Now, MLM network marketing does not only build money for the owners, but it also gives people equal opportunity at a very low price, without compromising quality.

One problem with starting a new business is of course the capital, especially if it is a big sum to start with. We all want a low start-up capital with fast results. That is exactly what we want, but most of the time it doesn’t guarantee big returns, unless it is in MLM network marketing.  We must always remember, just because it requires only a small capital does not mean it has less income. One example is the Amway story above, imagine how many people got involved and how much money that is! Before we underestimate MLM network marketing, we must always remember the popular saying that a big goal starts with small steps so take your first step in one of the best and hottest MLM network marketing business today.