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A Dream Come True

LynnI have worked hard for the past 3 years in ARIIX and have been given the honor of being inducted into the Founders Club. It’s hard to believe that myself and the other Founders will be splitting 50% of the company’s profits FOR LIFE. I now have a legacy for my Children and Grandchildren and all future generations. Thank you so much ARIIX for a true partnership with your field and for setting a new standard in the Network Marketing Industry. We are all in this together and I look forward to being a part of taking ARIIX to a billion dollars!!!

There is nothing like network marketing for anyone who desires to realize success in business through self-empowerment. As a leader, I get to prescribe a road map for the team that starts with the individual focusing on his/her dreams, their vision and then mustering a disciplined approach to leading others by caring to understand each team members wants, hence motivation. It is so important to develop a team. If there’s any business you can’t do it alone in, it’s this one. By developing your team, you not only increase their chances of success but you also increase your own.

It can be an exhilarating experience to enroll a new prospect into your business. They’re excited, and you’ve taken one of the most critical steps towards your success…building your team. But, your work doesn’t stop there. You may be so inspired by your prospecting success that you want to run out and start prospecting some more. After all, you found the key to success and now you figure all you have to do is sign up more people and you’re on our way.

While it’s true you do need to continually build your team, you also need to nurture and develop the team members you already have. Like customers, it’s much easier to help a current team member succeed than it is to find a new one so treat your team members like a valuable investment and do what it takes to make them succeed. That may be training, it may be hand holding or it may be teaching them to teach others. It’s a simple step that will reap enormous and lifelong rewards. Help people succeed and they will help you succeed in return.

The network marketing industry is heading full speed ahead towards the biggest boom of all time. If you follow the steps to success, you will be at the forefront of this growth. If you can apply this singleness of purpose to your business and do the right things consistently, you will succeed in this industry with the least degree of effort and the greatest degree of results.

Werner Berger Trainings Revealed II of IV

Werner Berger Trainings

Next revealed training routine of Werner Berger is through the use of high rise buildings. Any set of stairs will provide the chance of developing leg durability and endurance. Unfortunately, a lot of people make excuses on their health like no place to train and whatsoever but as Werner Berger believes, if there is a will there is always a way.  So, be practical and use the common stairs at your house just like he did.

werner berger training revealedHow ARIIX’s Werner Berger trains for mountain climbing

Werner Berger and his secret to success in summiting the world’s greatest mountain peaks

Werner Berger said that all you really have to do is utilize any form of stairway, go up and down enough times, and at a preferred heart rate, to get fit. A good example would be to train at a moderate pace (60% of max) for 12 minutes in the first week. Then boost the speed and time progressively over the next several weeks until you are training at the level you desire. It is guaranteed that you, too, will be excited at how quickly your body changes and adapts after the first few days; making you realize how realistic it is to do what you thought was unattainable.  You will see that you are able to do difficult things. One very important tip that Werner Berger gives us when we do stair climbing exercises, whether we have a load or not, is to always make sure to use soft knees on the way down. In other words, ascending down with slightly bent knees to avoid wear and tear of the joints.

Last and final workout routine preparation of Werner Berger is what he calls the sand pit. Werner Berger’s sand pit is only a few kilometers away from his house in Canada. Although this sand pit he works out on does not really provide big elevation differences, it is already good enough as an ideal training ground. In fact he said that any area with an uneven terrain can work perfectly fine.

On the other hand, Werner Berger’s house in the US does not provide the same possibilities in the smooth area  in which he lives. The sand, in summer time, makes the footing unstable, thus putting many of the small muscle tissue in the legs into action. He does some very challenging things and takes advantage of the different kinds of terrain in his different houses to achieve the perfect workout with the best results. That is why in return, after doing all of these, he is able to push his body beyond its limits.

Werner Berger once set a challenge for himself to consistently do his sand pit exercise in 3 minutes, which was beyond what he was capable of, and definitely caused him some huffing and puffing and the need to descend with lengthened strides. Interestingly for him, some times the target time is relatively easy to obtain, while other times it requires a much advanced level of effort. He believes that this is likely linked with the body’s possibility of over-training or more likely also linked with nutrition levels, rest and regeneration. The bottom line here is Werner Berger is not young, he is already in his 70s, but is still able to do things that most people in good health can NOT do. Why is that?

That is the question for each of us!

ARIIX’s Gavin Espinosa

What excites ARIIX’s Gavin Espinosa about being a member of the Wellness Council for ARIIX is number one, the opportunity it gives him to take part in the formulation of health products and services, and number two, that these ARIIX products will impact fitness and wellness around the world.

ariix gavin espinosa

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Message from ARIIX’s Mark Wilson


ARIIX President, Mark Wilson, has a message for us

Know what the ARIIX leader has to say

ARIIX President Mark Wilson, has  something in store for all of us to enjoy in this brief but full of content message that is personally coming from him.

Hello ARIIX Family!

Here is a quick update on my recent adventures. I just returned from 2 weeks of around-the-world travel, visiting a new ariix mark wilsonARIIX team every day. We started in Taiwan, where Deanna, Dr. Ray Strand, and I met Ian and Anita (Hong Kong team) to hold 2 different meetings with our new Taiwanese team members. They are extremely excited about the upcoming opening of ARIIX in Taiwan! We even had a chance to take a peek at our new office in Taipei, which the leaders are eager to begin using this next week.

ARIIX Vice Presidents I of 2


ARIIX Leadership

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VP Business Development Asia Pacific

ARIIX‘s Ian Chandler, VP Business Development Asia Pacific, knows how to get results and loves to help others realizeARIIX ian chandler success in their financial dreams by leveraging passion and productivity into creating powerful organizations. As Executive Director of Business Development at ARIIX, Inc., Ian Chandler has found the perfect combination of combining his professional experience in the Direct Sales industry, with his dedication to helping others reach their greatest potential.