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Put Your Dreams Above Your Fears

purposeWhat an amazing weekend Phil and I had at our condo in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  The weather was a bit nippy for those of us in the deep south, but nevertheless it was absolutely beautiful.

I put a vision in place for myself several years ago to have a place on the water, but I never could have imagined how amazing it would be.

Imagine, sitting in your living room, watching dolphins jump and play with mamas trying to teach their babies how to come out of the water for the first time.  Imagine pelicans flying by and then diving for fish.  Then watch as they return to “Bird Island”,  a small island visible to us.  It’s a bird sanctuary, free from predators, where they too, seem to go to relax.

As if that was not enough for the weekend, we then watched a magical boat parade shortly after dark.  Boats of all shapes and sizes were decorated in beautiful lights, Santas and Christmas music to kick off the season.

I am so incredibly blessed, because several years ago I made a decision to put my dreams above my fears and create the future I desired.   I had to get rid of the limits I set for myself and seek out my potential.  I had to let go of who I was then, a single parent living in poverty, in order to become who I am today.

I want you to know that the best way to predict your future is to create it.

My advice to you today is . . .  Find Your Passion and Purpose. Then LIVE IT!

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – USANA Fortune 25

Every year USANA takes the top 25 income earners worldwide, FORTUNE 25, on a wonderful trip.  This year we went to Argentina.  Here are some great pictures to show you what a great time we had.  I hope they give you an idea of how incredible it was, and encourages you to build your own USANA business.

network marketing

The view from our hotel in Buenos Aires

network marketing

Great surprise – Chauffer driven vintage cars

network marketing

Gala Dinner at Aberg Cobo Mansion

network marketing

Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons

Next November  BORA BORA.

See you there.

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