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Be Passionate


Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion…

Behind every great artistic masterpiece and every significant work of literature and music there has always been passion. Behind every innovative company, every earth shattering idea and every achievement that ever changed the world, there has always been passion. In fact, behind every dream that ever saw its way out of the imagination and into reality, there has always been passion. And, of course, behind every future success you hope to achieve, there must also be passion. It is not a luxury, but rather a mandate for achieving our dreams…

Simply put, passion is that burning fire in our belly that compels us to do more than we ever thought possible. To be passionate is to be enthusiastic, inspired and motivated for the simple reason that you love what you do. Others see that in you and they want what you have. So many people are just existing and not living their passion because they don’t love what they do. And what happens when you love what you do, the same thing that happens when you fall in love. The world changes. When you love what you do, you not only do it more often but also better and with more intensity, drive and purpose. This not only adds meaning and joy to our lives but productivity to our work.


Without a doubt, passion is the great transformer in your business/organizations. Its power belongs to us all, not just to rock stars or CEO’s featured in the Wall Street Journal but to anyone who chooses to live a life of purpose. Passion is the fuel to every one of your dreams.

We’ve all heard it since we were young—follow your dreams! While this can be applied to most areas of life, it is also applicable to your business success. But it’s more than just following your dreams. It’s also about tapping into your passions and using it as motivation, direction, and inspiration.

One common piece of advice given to budding entrepreneurs is to follow your passion; do what you love. The idea is that by building a business rooted in something you are already passionate about, it will be easier for you to push through tough challenges and stick it out. Although all of that is true, it is just the beginning. You will now take that unstoppable passion, put a business plan together and go out there and LIVE OUT LOUD by creating the life you were put here to live..

I wish you all massive success…

Empowering Women Through Network Marketing

Paying It Forward By Empowering Women Through Network Marketing

Empowering Women Through Network Marketing

I love empowering women through network marketing as I believe it is the perfect solution for so many to create freedom in their lives.  My two daughters spent their entire childhood in day care as I struggled as a single mom to make ends meet.  If only I had known about network marketing then.  Freedom is what I longed for and yet I spent most of my life in mediocrity trading my time for dollars working for someone else…True freedom is when you wake up each morning and do what makes your heart feel good.  You can choose what you want to have, who you want to be, where you want to go, how much money you want to make through Network Marketing. You can layout your own blueprint and design your life by “choice” not by chance.  That’s what I did and every day I am so grateful. I have made many powerful friendships through network marketing  with people like Tim Sales who is one of the most respected trainers in the industry. As I pay it forward, I am absolutely passionate about empowering women through network marketing and sharing my personal experiences, coaching and leadership to take them to the top. Network Marketing helps women achieve self-confidence and self reliance .  If you are not living your best life, put your dreams above your fears and start building your future today.


Empowering Women

I want to encourage all women to let their light shine and be their “best self”.  We were all put here for that.  For the past 15 years I have created massive success in the Network Marketing industry.  I have traveled the world and been a key note speaker to thousands and have also authored 2 books.  I have totally transformed my life in so many areas but this past year is probably the one I am most proud of.  After spending the past 40 years as an obese women and dealing with all of the health/head issues that come along with it, I have finally stepped up and taken my power back in that arena as well.  40 pounds later and feeling at my absolute life’s best at age 65, I am filled with passion to share a homeopathic hormone free all natural weightloss product that I know will impact the world…

The fact is that for many women their self esteem is based on the size of their hips.  We have been conditioned that way and although I have always told myself that it is the inside that counts, I have always been uncomfortable in my own “fat skin”..No more!!!

Let’s all of us women decide TODAY to let our light shine bright and move in the direction of our best selves!!


The Decision To Change Is What Counts

Decision To Change

At the end of the day, you will always have the final say. No matter how much help and service we offer and give you there will always be certain limits to what we can do. All these lessons, advices, and guidelines would either become useful to you or not depending on your final decision to ACT or change for the better. To be honest with you, becoming healthy and making a decision to change is no easy task and will never happen overnight. The same goes for all good things in life. In order to achieve great success, besides your health and overall well being, you really need to put in the time and be willing to commit to it no matter what and at all costs. So if you want to achieve true optimal health and be able to stick with your decision to change, then know that your deepest commitment for a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single small step.

decision to changeWhy your Decision To Change Matters

Make that Decision To Change NOW!

We have to admit, all these lessons we are showing and teaching you are nothing new. I bet you have probably already heard of these so called healthy diets, exercise, and nutritional supplementation stuff even before you came to visit this site right? Of course we all did! But how come we still do not apply these things even if we are already aware of the possible consequences. If we already know that smoking causes lung cancer then why are so many people still doing it? If we are aware that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can kill us then why are we still doing it? The answer to that is the deep level of the decision to change. Continue reading

How to Survive MLM: Choose Only The Best


Once you have a good understanding of the MLM business model and how you make money with its compensation plan you should then proceed to having at least some basic useful knowledge about the products. You should not just be focusing on pure profits alone even though the person you are prospecting is very much interested with the business side only.

how to survive in mlm lessonsAvoid common MLM mistakes

Seek professional MLM help, training and support from us NOW!

It is very important for your company to have product movement for it is one of the best signs that proves the company is not a scam or a fly by night one. If an MLM company tells you to forget about the products and just focus on the money making side, then you should right away know that its no good and even if it performs well in the beginning it will never last that long. Continue reading

Passion for Success: The Ultimate Key

Passion for Success

The most important thing if you ever want to succeed in life is to have that burning passion for success within you. Nothing can ever beat your passion for success simply because it is your passion. If we were asking Mr. Webster for his definition of passion, he would say that passion is an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

passion for successThe passion for success is simply the secret to success

Learn how to develop that passion for success even more!

Passion for success is what drives us closer to success. Anything in this world is very much achievable as long as you have that true burning passion for success within you. The legendary basketball phenom Michael Jordan became who he is today in basketball because of his passion for success in the game. If it were not for MJ’s burning passion, I doubt he would have made it that far. Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a passion for success which was untouchable, and the reason why APPLE has become a revolutionary company.  Speaking of Steve Jobs, believe it or not but despite being the CEO of the technology giant APPLE had only a salary of ONE DOLLAR A YEAR! Just imagine how passionate he was that he was willing to work long and hard for countless of sleepless nights with just a single dollar, not a day, not a week, not a month but a year! That is what you call true genuine burning passion for success. Continue reading